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Opening Day

“How to make social issues spread more efficiently, innovatively and resonantly in real life?”–

We should build a new life situation, we should care, understand, participate, listen, verify, judge and be present, and we should be connected. We use commodities as the medium of various social topics in a more interesting way, so as to arouse the public's problem awareness, make attention a power and make discourse a driving force. We advocate a life form: each individual can act for their own rights and interests, and give respect, tolerance and empathy to persons who stand in the different standpoints.

Solving problems with design today has become the design attitude of every designer.So, between design and solution, is there a medium or behavior that makes the two better exert their influence? At the same time, is there a possibility that people who are not professionals in the profession can participate in such behaviors?
"Opening day" is more like a topic spread, a concept of expression, a design behavior: in the process of sales, consumption, use, can the product be attached to a social topic? To arouse public awareness of the topic.
In the visual strategy, not every product packaging redesign, but follow the principle of design from the feeling, establish a set of visual recognition system based on Chinese and English fonts, color blocks, comfortable and pure. Using pure color blocks with spirited tone of voice to change negative impression and emotion brought by most social problems.Under the premise of not affecting the attributes such as the sale of goods, we should grasp the aesthetics and pay attention to the function and recognition of the spread of social topics.

The use of paste, add, etc. also greatly reduces the cost of changing the packaging of the product, and it is also possible to spread the social topic by people who are not designers.
Before such "post-behavior", we think about it - what is the role of the designer? What is the principle to follow? What do you have to think about and do when you are doing a new visual packaging? Whether in the present and in the future, visual communication designers need to have a certain sense of social responsibility.
“Water of the Topic” – The 17 sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations are serially given to the water bottles for sale.
Opening day – a store that combines social topics and products into one, making social topics more effective, innovative and resonating in real life.

Opening day, welcome to you.