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The guide design of Yutian village

The guide design of Yutian village is one of the community renovation projects in 2018 Urban Design Festival | "Joyful Yutian" led by ASSBOOK.
Yutian Village, located in Luohu District of Shenzhen, has steered its business from independent tenancy to long-term rental apartments under the organization of developers in recent years.
Yutian Village lacks the basic identification system without which each building cannot be identified geographically. As a result, express delivery, takeout and emergency service cannot be available. Assigning a number to each building is also a process of naming the building. A building with a name can make residents have a sense of security and belonging. Therefore, naming a building is respecting the dignity of living of the residents.
We combine the colors of advertising signboards in Yutian Village with the cultural elements with the regional features of the Pearl River Delta to create a sign system, which is easy to be identified and accepted by locals. We try to use this sign system to achieve building number identification in Yutian Village, so as to establish the basic geographical identification rules.
We offer a simple sign system through common design means, processing technologies, durable materials with a low price, and general lighting effects. We put basic functions first rather than designers' personal aesthetics to provide users with the most relaxed and direct experience. Let the users in this village get used to the sign system as soon as possible and treat it as a part of their daily life.