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Listen to Her

"Listen to Her" was created as a result of the cultural heritage conservation activities supported by the China-UK Cultural Connection Fund. Focusing on the ancient city of Chongwu in Fujian Province, the event tries to attract the public's attention to the local culture by interacting with the public in the form of visual sound, and reintegrate the forgotten local culture and local people into the contemporary society. As a staged result, this work is divided into online and offline forms of interaction with the public.

Works to Huian women as a breakthrough, respectively from "Nan Yin", "Motorcycle Horns" and "Chanting" three kinds of "female discourse" to show. Historically, women had a very low right of speech in the public and society. Although a large number of scholars and society paid attention to and reported on them, the group itself did not directly express itself.  On the contrary, some voices in everyday life reveal their emotions. These seemingly useless and outdated expressions with local characteristics are the core that makes Chongwu Ancient City integrate into the contemporary society again. "Nanyin" is like the music for young girls to express their personal feelings, with melodious melody. I used the combination of audio and graphics to reproduce, so as to enhance the sensory stimulation of the public; Motorcycles are the only means of transportation in the narrow road conditions of the ancient city, mainly owned by local women. "Motorcycle horn" is the only way for them to communicate directly and loudly with the outside world,  just like a middle-aged woman's cry for life. so Combining it with the mouth to express their demands for speech. "Chanting" is the main" language "activity of local older women, which is the composition of local ancestral hall culture. I combine it with the names of the deceased who died fighting for feudal marriage customs in the past to express respect for this group and their lives.