Cadd9 Music Education Branding Design

Creative Team

DD / PH:zhenxing shi 
D:zhenxing shi / yushan pan   
MD:zhenxing shi / yinghuai lv



Creative Summary

Cadd9 is a music education brand. Cadd9 is one of the commonly used chords in music. We utilize the characteristics of chords in music and turn the five characters C A D D 9 into the syllables that make up the Cadd9 chord. By incorporating the rhythm of musical notation and the spacing of fonts in annotations, we create a visually rich and unified brand identity. We use visual language to express the sense of rhythm in music, making the entire visual representation resemble bouncing notes and sheet music. This not only conveys information but also evokes a musical association, establishing a strong connection with the brand.

In terms of typography, we incorporate the letter 'd' from the brand name into the shape of a half note (which is inherently beautiful). By utilizing the typographical characteristics of a half note, we design a set of 26 English letters and commonly used numerical symbols that match it. We also reference the notation symbols in sheet music to establish the usage of connected notes between brand fonts. Furthermore, we have designed and composed a dynamic sound logo that adheres to a unified visual language, ensuring that the brand's visual identity remains cohesive and engaging.

After the launch of the brand image, it has gained recognition both within and outside the industry. It has been the preferred choice for the majority of parents, teachers, students, and applicants in terms of customer acquisition. Within just the second year of its market debut, the brand's reputation and revenue have experienced a significant leap. Currently, Cadd9 has opened branch stores in Beijing and Shanghai, operating for two years. It has already climbed into the top three in terms of status and influence within the industry. Cadd9 will continue to actively lead the music education industry.