Bu Fu Shui Tu · Yellow River Cultural Festival

D:Yue Cui / Xinxin Liang
AT:Zhengda Chem
SC:China Academy of Art


The Yellow River is the symbol of the Chinese nation, the root and soul of the Chinese nation. Each of the nine provinces in the Yellow River Basin contains a different culture of praying for blessings. They are in different forms, mysterious and ancient, but little known. So we extracted the iconic cultural symbols and colors of the nine provinces to express people's expectations for life and future behind the blessings, and to reflect the close connection between the Yellow River blessing culture and people, land and river. The Yellow River Cultural Festival is proposed in the hope that the Yellow River blessing culture will have a new vitality in modern times, break people's fixed impression of the mysterious and ancient Yellow River, and promote the dissemination and fusion of the Yellow River culture in the present day.