Buddyrich Coffee

Creative Team

AD / D: Lin Shaobin
PH: Chen Yanpeng
I: Su Qiaoxian
MD: Zhou Yijun
DC:Linshaobin design


Buddyrich Coffee

Creative Summary

Buddyrich coffee is a small coffee shop of less than 30 square meters. The design of the same shop is single, traditional, conservative, monotonous and boring. Buddyrich coffee is mixed with a variety of raw materials and the audience is young consumers who like to try new flavors. The client hopes to design a mixed and diversified concept of the brand.
Conventional similar coffee shop designs present logo or single brand elements. In the design, we have tried to duplicate and overlap Chinese and English fonts, brand IP image, coffee shop address, urban building landmark illustration, etc. A variety of elements use different dislocation mixing typesetting implies the diversified and mixed personality of the brand. The whole set of design guided by this concept is based on the thinking of font, illustration separation, reorganization, diversification and mixing.