Cup Bowl Dish Plate

Creative Team

D:Wang Ruomeng
AT:Yu Yang
SC:Dalian Polytechnic University

Creative Summary

Cups, Dishes and Plate is a mid-to-high-end utensil brand dedicated to hand-made niche utensils and can be customized according to customer needs. set design
A modern utensil art design and production brand that integrates production and sales. With its deep understanding of utensil craftsmanship, the brand not only
Continuously providing customers with unique, high-quality designs is their constant pursuit. "cup", "bowl", "dish", "plate"
These four words also accurately summarize the products and content of the brand. Each utensil has our projection of life.
The perspective of life, that is, the love and yearning for a beautiful and casual life, is like every utensil we design and make.
The stories that come out are unique.