Creative Team

CD:Zeng Lingbo
D:Liu Jiaxing / Liu Runting、
CW:Yi Ting
PH:Zheng Tengyue 

Creative Summary

Double-Layer Inflatable Pillow, constructed using durable PVC material, is lightweight, highly elastic, tear-resistant, and exhibits excellent airtightness. Inspired by the theme of the "Cosmic Wormhole," the outer surface features white text prints, while the inner layer showcases the wormhole model using glow-in-the-dark ink. During the day, it absorbs ultraviolet light and emits a mysterious glow in dark environments.
This inflatable pillow is designed for easy inflation and deflation, making it convenient for portability. The inflation nozzle can be recessed into the interior of the pillow, ensuring a smooth, non-protruding surface for a sleek appearance.