Two Notes on Huzhou Silk

Creative Team

D:Xiao Jin
AT:Jun Zhu
SC:Hangzhou Normal University

Creative Summary

This book introduces the Serie silk of Huzhou from ancient to modern times. A post style horse riding nail thread binding makes the spine as round as a cocoon. The cover paper is hand rubbed white paper similar to cocoon texture. The characters are surrounded by cocoons and fade slightly, suggesting the antiquity and decline of serise; The inner page uses different grams of paper with silk, which can be touched at any time when reading. The first volume is about the history of silk. The second volume focuses on the photos I visited and took in the factory, reflecting the contemporary appearance of Lake silk industry. In the first volume, in order to show the different stages of the origin, prosperity and decline of Lake silk, the font size of the directory changes from small to large and then small according to the content. The text layout rate, font size and paper weight also grow from small to large and then to small. In the stage of origin, due to the large number of documents, in order to highlight the documents, the paragraph is indented into a column, and the line of documents floats out like a silk thread. In the declining stage, the text on each page will be reduced line by line until there is only one line left, indicating that the Lake silk is declining more and more today. In the second volume, when I was shooting on the spot, I deliberately arranged the characters behind the machine in order to reflect the way workers were buried in the machine when working in the factory.