The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Creative Team

AD: Xu Weiyi
D: Xu Weiyi
V: Xu Weiyi 
AT: Sobue Shin 
SC: Design Summer, Beihang University

Creative Summary

Benjamin Button was born an eighty year old man, and every year since then he has been a year younger; Benjamin came into the world as an old man and left it as a baby. As a result, he has a life and sorrows that are completely different from those of normal people ...... The story spans a century from World War I to the 21st century and expresses reflections on life and death. In the design of the book, the changes in layout and font selection reflect the age change of the main character Benjamin Button, and the layout changes from "classical" to "standard" , then to "with pinyin"; the font changes from different types of serif to sans, then to rounded. At the same time, the material of the paper on the inside pages also changes, making people feel that as the content of the novel progresses, the "age" of the book is getting younger and younger, and on the last page, it is difficult to see the content of the book, and it is turned into a piece of white paper, just like a newborn baby. It becomes a blank sheet of paper, like a newborn baby.