Archived: Island of Lost Voices

Creative Team

D : Ning Jing / Miao Zhuoyi
AT: Li jie
SC:China Academy of Art

Creative Summary

The coral reefs beneath the sea become silent islands, and the quiet cries for help are still seldom heard.
The corals on the bottom of the sea are dying massively under the climate crisis, fluorescence is the last cry for help, and bleaching is the lament of death. In the public's view, Marine ecology has a high capacity and self-recycling capacity, but it often ignores the changes and crises of the ocean under environmental problems.
With coral bleaching as the core, the work reveals the great threat of environmental issues to Marine ecology through the evolution of corals. We define the coral reef community as an island under the sea, and use newspaper as the carrier to build an archive to store the life of the island, record the crisis moment of the coral community, and arouse people's attention and reflection on the underwater organisms and Marine ecology.